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2024 President’s Message

I, like many, am guilty of flying through life, cruising from one day to the next without taking the time to reflect on the past or the current state. However, as we age, our ideas and use of time change. Maybe now is the time to slow down and reflect.

How fortunate are we to be able to enjoy the Post Lakes, Wolf River, Elcho Township, Langlade and surrounding counties? Most of us would not trade it for anything. The afternoons at one of the sandbars watching the kids splash and dogs chase frisbees… Enjoying a cool refreshment at one of the resorts… A fall pontoon ride to see the changing leaves… Catching crappies on tip downs… or cruising a freshly groomed trail… Just some of my favorites. What are yours?

A reflection of gratitude to the time, hard work, and friendship, to the retiring board members and office holders. Your giving has kept the PLIA active and strong. Your efforts and group achievements are what made me want to be part of the association and board. Again, we can’t thank you, and our volunteers, enough.

And speaking of volunteers… WE NEED YOU!!! Many of our great community events are understaffed.  Please donate four to eight hours (or, a lot more) to PLIA events. You could sell raffle tickets, make popcorn, sell refreshments, help clean the roadside, grill hamburgers… The options are endless, lol.

Donate  eight hours to the PLIA in 2024 and receive a PLIA t-shirt. Again, we need whatever time and help you can donate, to keep the PLIA in good health and moving forward. Oops, there I go, thinking ahead again…
Chris Heinzen
PLIA President

2023 President’s Message

Why do we have a lake association like the PLIA? We already have the Post Lake Protection  &Rehabilitation District. You can read all about the great things that group does for Post Lake in their article in this newsletter. So, what’s the purpose of the PLIA?

The PLIA is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that is designed to serve the community of Post Lake. That service comes in the form of the social activities that we sponsor such as the Ice Fishing Jamboree, the Summer Funfest, and the annual 4th of July fireworks and boat parade. That service comes in the form of the community events we sponsor such as the spring roadside cleanup, providing an emergency shelter at the PLIA building, installing emergency AED devices at out local bar/resorts, providing scholarships at the Elcho High School, and providing educational events like the REGI raptor presentation. That service also comes in the form of being stewards of the Post Lake fish habitat by sponsoring the annual Bullhead fishing tournament and funding the installation of the fish sticks projects to improve the fish environment on Post Lake.

We raise money to do all these things from our membership dues, donations, and fundraising events like the annual Ice Fishing Jamboree. We accomplish these things through the hard work of all our volunteers, especially our Board of Directors. All of this is done because of a belief in our great community and a desire to make it the best it can be. We welcome your input, suggestions, comments and especially your help. Please let us know what is important to you.

On a side note, a couple of other things: First, thank you to all of you who volunteered, offered suggestions, or helped our PLIA this past year. Without you nothing we do would be possible. Second, to all the friends and neighbors who have headed south for the winter, safe travels. We will miss you and we look forward to seeing you in the spring.

That’s all for now. Hope to see you around Post Lake. As always, the view from my window is amazing.

Al Wendorf
PLIA President

PLIA President’s Message -2022

As 2021 winds to a close I can’t help but think “where did the time go and how did it go by so fast?” I guess that can be a good thing because it may mean that life resumed its’ normal pace after a year of most things being cancelled. But it may also mean that we were so busy “doing” that we didn’t take the time to fully enjoy and reflect on what we were doing. Therefore, let’s take a few minutes and look back on the year we had.

The PLIA had a pretty good year. We were able to help fund the fish sticks project on Post Lake to help improve the fish habitat. We had a wonderful Ice Fishing Jamboree with great weather, great community turnout and great donations. We had a very successful roadside cleanup day. (It appears the beverage of choice going west from the PLIA building is vodka and Busch Light and going east from the PLIA building it is Bud Light.) We were able to enjoy the summertime favorites of the PLIA Summer Fun Fest, fireworks over Post Lake and the 4th of July boat parade. We had two successful bullhead tournaments and an amazing presentation by REGI on the raptor birds in our area. We were able to have our annual membership meet[1]ings. We have new dimmable LED lights and a new interior paint job for the PLIA building. (Special thanks to Dave Leslie on the last two items.) Not too bad for an all-volun[1]teer group! My special thanks to all the PLIA members that volunteered and especially to the PLIA Board of Directors. None of these events happen without you.

Personally, it was a wonderful year. Life in the Northwoods allowed for some great snowmobiling, boating, and 4-wheeling in and around the Post Lake area. My wife Aly and I were able to enjoy some great Thirsty Thursdays, weekends and Sunday Fundays with family and friends, all curtesy of the Post Lake area. It truly is an amazing place to live.

I hope you were also blessed with a great 2021. We should all look forward to 2022 with zest and anticipation. There is so much to do and so many opportunities to be had in the Post Lake area. I know the view from my window is pretty darn good.

Al Wendorf, PLIA President

2021 Ice Fishing Jamboree

WOW! Congratulations & thanks to all who volunteered, donated, & participated in this year’s Ice Fishing Jamboree! It was a great day & we had a record-setting turnout! We hope you had fun out there! Mark your calendars for next year, Saturday, February 19, 2022!

What a Day!
And the WINNERS are!
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