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Weed Harvesting Committee Lead – Mike Misterek

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide recommendations to the board for the entire weed harvesting effort with the understanding that all related matters are subject to board approval.
  • Obtain a WDNR Mechanical Weed Harvesting Permit
  • Provide staff recruitment, operational organization, scheduling and training
  • Develop a harvesting plan based on the WDNR Weed Harvesting Permit
  • Develop a plan to address equipment repairs and upkeep
  • Transportation of equipment between storage and the lake (Town of Elcho)
  • Prep harvester docking area, pier, portable restroom, storage facility and access road
  • Coordinate supplies, gas, oil, replacement parts
  • Keep proper records, as per WDNR guidelines.
  • Keep the PLP&RD board informed of activity and plans

Aquarius Systems Weed Harvester Equipment

The PLP&RD sends out a big Thank You to Tim Schoessow for attending the May 2023 Aquarius Systems seminar on harvester equipment maintenance and operational safety.  Included on this page are the documents shared with the attendees at the seminar.


We had a successful day of harvester equipment maintenance on Saturday.  We had a crew of 9 people show up, which was amazing!  We were able to change the engine oil and filters, fuel filters and hydraulic oil filters on the harvester and transport.  We also greased all moving parts and checked over the equipment.  The equipment is ready to be launched sometime in June.

Weed Harvester (Previous Years) Thank you so much to all the wonderful volunteers!

A new tool shed to store weed harvesting equipment and supplies.

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