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Chairperson: John Steber

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work in cooperation with local units of government and organizations associated with Post Lake
  • Work in compliance with WDNR on all matter associated with lake management
  • Remain current with lake management practices and issues (WDNR, Wisconsin Lake Partnership)
  • Maintain awareness of available grants and oversee grant applications
  • Develop, maintain and implement the Post Lake Comprehensive Lake Management Plan (CLMP)
    • Act as the board representative for the development and maintenance of a (CLMP)
    • Work with the WDNR to determine scope & requirements of the (CLMP)
    • Work with the WDNR to update and manage the (CLMP)
    • Develop an RFP for the hiring of a consultant to develop and update the (CLMP) & to write a Lake Management Planning grant application, subject to board approval.
    • Work with consultant to develop and maintain the (CLMP)
    • Grant administration and paper work
    • Conduct lake district survey as required by WDNR

Chapter 33 Wisconsin State Statutes - Public Inland Waters

UW-Extension's People of the Lakes: A Guide For Wisconsin's Lake Organizations.

Lake Study Active Goals from previous Lake Plan - 2008

ALERT: Curly-Leaf Pondweed Monitoring Needed

Curly Leaf Pondweed Info

National Invasive Species Information Center

Healthy Lakes Program  Post Lake Letter

The Healthy Lakes Program has a goal  to protect and improve the health of our Wisconsin lakes by increasing lakeshore property owner participation in habitat restoration and runoff and erosion control projects.
relatively inexpensive, and easy to implement. Lakeshore property owners can receive grant funding up to $1,000 per project.

Post Lake Fish Stick projects – Winter 2022.

The Upper and Lower Post Lake fish stick project created two structures on Upper Post composed of 25 trees and 50 rocks. They are slightly north and west of last year’s complexes in 13-14 feet of water. The ice was once again not great around the Lower Post islands so the fish sticks created were limited based on equipment size. Two complexes on the southern shore of the large island with 14 small to medium sized trees were created.

Thanks to all of the volunteers  that helped get the trees and thank you to the lake association for purchasing the rock.

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