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Co-Chairpersons: Jeff McKinney & John Steber

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Hire and oversee the activities of the Dam Tender
  • Oversee and actively manage the Inspections, Operation and Maintenance Plan
  • Actively manage the Post Lake Emergency Action Plan & keep plan current
  • Flood Plain Plan Updates
  • Bank erosion control (work with Langlade County)
  • Work with the DNR to manage lake levels
  • (Next inspection date 2025)

Management Guidelines


Post Lake is an impoundment on the Wolf River, with water levels controlled at the dam located under the bridge on Clear Lake Road.   The lake’s water supply is dependent on rain fall within the lakes drainage basin and what water is made available from up-river at the Little Rice Lake Dam.

The Post Lake Dam is owned and operated by the Post Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District and under the direction of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.   The dam is made up of four openings; three of those openings are controlled by movable gates which can be opened to allow more water to pass through and closed to restrict the flow of water.  The fourth gate is a spillway, which remains open at all times, with no means of restricting the water flow.   It should also be noted that the dam was constructed in 1932 and even when the gates are fully closed there will be seepage under the gates.

The minimum and maximum water levels for the lake were established by the DNR in 1994.  The Lake District is required to maintain the lakes water level within a one-foot range, which is monitored at a staff gauge located on the dam.  The established range, as it relates to sea level, is from 95 to 96 on the staff gauge.  The Lake Districts attempts to maintain the lake at a level of 95.8, during the warm weather months.  During periods of heavy rain fall or extended dry periods, the level of the lake will fluctuate both over and below the desired target 95.8.

The Lake District employs a Dam Tender who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the dam.  The Dam Tender is tasked with monitoring weather conditions and coordinating water flow with the Little Rice Lake Dam.  It is the Dam Tender who makes routine visits to the dam to adjust the gates as needed, keeping in mind the anticipation of rain events and water release from the Little Rice lake Dam.

2017 Dam Inspection, Operation, and Maintenance Report

2017 Dam Emergency Action Plan

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